5th November 2018

Is Australian Healthcare Open Disclosure Policy Closed to Cultural Safety?

By DrMJLock


Leading up to an Open Disclosure (OD) workshop in a Newcastle tertiary health care organization (in 2014), part of my role was to review the policy and academic literature to find the voice of Australia’s First Peoples in the OD policy process. In this twenty-part series, I disclose the findings of this policy analysis based on authorized publications that are explicitly linked to one another to form a policy trajectory. This allows an analysis of the concept of ‘government governance’ which here means the stewardship of civil society policy development processes.

And why should an analysis of OD policy matter given Australia’s First Peoples’ incarceration rates to recognition in Australia’s Constitution to children in out-of-home care? Open Disclosure policy is neither headline catching nor grist for the media mill. I propose that any Australian health policy should respect the cultures of Australia’s First Peoples. In this analysis I conclude that the government governance of OD policy disrespect peoples’ culture, excludes citizen voice in the development of social policy, and reveals an institutional bias against Australia’s First Peoples.

It amounts to the silencing of Australia’s First Peoples voices through the corporate governance of the Open Disclosure policy development process.

The findings are part of an institutional ethos embedded in the corporate governance of the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) which is a ‘government agency that leads and coordinates national improvements in safety and quality in health care across Australia’. This affects its legitimacy in overseeing an Australian health system that respects and protects the health rights of Australia’s First Peoples.

Key Message: Open Disclosure governance in Australia rules-out the cultural voice of Australia’s First Peoples.

Attribution: Lock, M.J. (26th January 2018), [online], Is Australian Healthcare Open Disclosure Policy Closed to Cultural Safety? Retrieved from: https://committix.com/projects/cultural-voice-and-open-disclosure/

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