7th December 2018

A Matrix for Identifying, Measuring and Monitoring Institutional Racism within Public Hospitals and Health Services developed by Adrian Marrie and Henrietta Marrie (2014): A Brief Introduction

By DrMJLock

Key Points:

  • Adrian and Henrietta Marrie have developed a unique tool to identify, measure, and monitor institutional racism in Australia.
  • Institutional racism is a recognised problem in Australia, but there is no program to reduce institutional racism and its influence on the health of Australia’s First Peoples.
  • The Marrie Institutional Racism Matrix (MIRM) was developed in 2014, and has been updated and revised in 2017 to become the Bukal Institutional Racism Matrix or BIRM.
  • Currently Australia’s human rights agencies, while recognising the existence of institutional racism are not able to effectively deal with it. The Matrix may offer a way forward in addressing this complex form of discrimination.
  • Download the two page introduction written by Adrian and Henrietta Marrie.