Australian Cultural Policies Lack Cultural Credibility

Australia’s raft of cultural policies is adrift in a stormy cultural sea because they are untethered to culturally rigorous development processes. This article recommends the use of cultural safety criterion to inform the developmental processes of cultural policies about Australia's First Peoples. #culturalsafety #ACSSN #culturalsecurity

Closing the ‘Cultural Voice’​ Gap in Australian Healthcare Governance

The phrase ‘cultural voice’ denotes the human cultural values of Australia’s First Peoples. Cultural voice demarcates intellectual space in Australian health policy analysis so that “human” culture becomes visible in a policy textscape crowded with the use of the term ‘culture’ but devoid of any sense of humanity.

Bukal Institutional Racism Matrix – McDermott Review

'This [Marrie Institutional Racism Matrix] is a valuable and important development which can improve transparency, accountability and ultimately the performance of HHS [Hospital and Health Services] in service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.' Robyn McDermott Committix Pty Ltd respects Australia's First Peoples as the traditional owners of Australia