31st July 2020

Unethical Practice in Cultural Training Program Development

This blog is a case in point about the unethical development of cultural training programs. It was stimulated by a social medial post from a prominent professional association (see the embedded post, below) asking for personal stories about culturally unsafe health practice. As an Aboriginal researcher, I was appalled at this unethical organisational behaviour. Hang on, it’s not a research organisation! That’s true. Universities and […]

29th July 2020

Google Scholar Article Alert – 28th July 2020

Always interesting to try and keep up with publications where cultural safety and cultural security are used. Cultural safety is cited in: the Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships (NEVR) from Canada’s only poltechnic university (KPU); in a book chapter from Aotearoa about qualitative study on Māori; from the United States (Florida) in a study about substance use by Native American youth; from Canada about mapping […]