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31st July 2020

Unethical Practice in Cultural Training Program Development

This blog is a case in point about the unethical development of cultural training programs. It was stimulated by a social medial post from a prominent professional association (see the embedded post, below) asking for personal stories about culturally unsafe health practice. As an Aboriginal researcher, I was appalled at this unethical organisational behaviour. Hang on, it’s not a research organisation! That’s true. Universities and […]

18th January 2020


By Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes Practicing epistemic disobedience that follows the accepted form of the Academy is a tricky path. However, the process is going relatively smoothly – thanks to the patience and encouragement of Mark, Janine, and ‘Brunk’ Allen – who are my mentors and spiritual/emotional ballast, and Leticia – who is a wonderful supervisor in this undergraduate cultural studies research project. I received excellent feedback […]