Why Committee Analytics?

There’s a saying that committees are a cul-de-sac down which good ideas are lured and then quietly strangled. I think we’ve all experienced the sense that committees aren’t taken seriously. I think differently.

The name, Committix, is a contraction ‘committee analytics’. Committees are mechanisms through which organisations operationalise their philosophy and manage their business. I believe that committees can become more effective and efficient by systematically mapping the relationships between them, developing quality and audit performance mechanisms, and making them culturally safe places for employee engagement.

Committix Pty Ltd – a 100% owned Aboriginal company – does its work through a research paradigm informed by Anthony Giddens’s Structuration Theory, the visualisation and mathematical tools of social network analysis, and the narrative methods of critical discourse analysis. The combination of theory, visualisation, and analytics is delivered through a rigorous, empirical, ethical, and transparent research methodology.

The mission of Committix Pty Ltd is to research the transformation of corporate governance processes so that organisations more effectively manage their committee system, engage with employee voice, and enable culturally safe governance.

The key message is that governance can be visualised from the floor to the ceiling of your organisation and transformed to: enable cultural safety governance, enrich employee engagement, and empower positive committee experiences.

Committix Pty Ltd takes committees…seriously.

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