7th December 2018

A Matrix for Identifying, Measuring and Monitoring Institutional Racism within Public Hospitals and Health Services developed by Adrian Marrie and Henrietta Marrie (2014): A Brief Introduction

Key Points: Adrian and Henrietta Marrie have developed a unique tool to identify, measure, and monitor institutional racism in Australia. Institutional racism is a recognised problem in Australia, but there is no program to reduce institutional racism and its influence on the health of Australia’s First Peoples. The Marrie Institutional Racism Matrix (MIRM) was developed in 2014, and has been updated and revised in 2017 […]

9th November 2018

Resource – Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts

See https://www.cdu.edu.au/northern-institute/lcj for the latest issue (https://www.cdu.edu.au/…/9623_cdu_ni_learners_journal_numbe…) that contained the phrase ‘cultural safety’ in a paper about ‘Respectful and ethical research in central Australia and the south west’ (p. 32) It was great to read a paper that is so different to the standard academic journals, as the authors say ‘The decision to write as a dialogue between three people may be seen as a little wam […]

7th November 2018

Cultural Safety as a buzzword in research

This Hickey et al. (2018) article came into my news feed because the phrase ‘cultural safety’ is used. As I read the article I realised a problem (not with the article) for the advocacy for cultural safety in Australian healthcare governance is that it is used as a buzzword without genuine theoretical, intellectual, and methodological engagement. The sentence in the article that captured my attention […]