Australian Open Disclosure Governance – Closed to Cultural Voice

The phrase ‘cultural voice’ denotes the human cultures of Australia’s First Peoples. It demarcates space in health policy analysis so that “human culture” becomes visible instead of dissolved within the sameness of whiteness. I argue that it is time to plant a flag in the moon of Australian Open Disclosure policy and declare “this ground includes the cultural voice of Australia’s First Peoples.” Mark J Lock

Open Disclosure and Cultural Voice

The policy context for this analysis is Australia (a Western Democratic nation) and the audience is Australian policy writers who are anonymously responsible with the difficult task of converting cultural values into text. The topic is about Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples or Indigenous Australians which I refer to as Australia’s First Peoples.

The setting is Open Disclosure Policy which means the process where a health professional openly discloses to a patient that they have been harmed in the healthcare process. This analysis of Open Disclosure is the first performed by a descendent of Australia’s First Peoples and is significant because our voices have been deliberately and systematically excluded from many Australian health policy making processes. Through this analysis I plant a flag in the moon of Australian Open Disclosure policy and declare “this ground includes the cultural voice of Australia’s First Peoples.”

The Problem with Copying and Pasting ‘Culture’

In the decade (2003-2013) of development of Australian Open Disclosure policy, the cultural voice of Australia’s First Peoples was edited to just two paragraphs relating to cross-cultural communication. These two paragraphs were subsequently copied and pasted in different policy documents.

In the series published on LinkedIn, Dr Mark J Lock demonstrates the groundbreaking analysis using a policy trajectory methodology unique to Committix Pty Ltd.

The ‘copy and paste’ approach to the cultural voice of Australia’s First Peoples reveals critical flaws in the governance ethic of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC), a statutory government organisation charged with overseeing reforms in Australian healthcare quality and safety culture. On analysis of corporate documents from the ACSQHC, it is clear that the views of patients with the highest rate of contact with hospitals, with the greatest health disadvantage, and history of distrust of hospitals, were left out of the evidence equation for Open Disclosure.

Committix Pty Ltd, an innovator in rigorous academic governance analysis, will work with your hospital and healthcare organisation to improve Open Disclosure policy governance to include the cultural voice of Australia’s First Peoples.

How Can Committix Pty Ltd Improve Open Disclosure Governance?

Dr Mark J Lock works with your organisation to examine the different points and pathways through which cultural voice can influence Open Disclosure governance. The terms of this service can include:

  1. identify relevant corporate governance documents,
  2. identify the chain of command and oversight for open disclosure governance,
  3. undertake an audit of the gaps in Open Disclosure governance,
  4. a critical formal report to your Board of Directors and Senior Executive Team,
  5. a list of recommendations for action,
  6. a formal publication of the project for community dissemination,
  7. engagement with key stakeholders, and
  8. live project updates through social media and website posts.

Committix Pty Ltd is a private research company and works to produce formal publications of high academic standards to demonstrate transparency and accountability to your community stakeholders.

Open Disclosure & Cultural Voice – Report

Read about the groundbreaking critique of Australian Open Disclosure governance in the following publication from Dr Mark J Lock. Post your comments below and share your comments to social media so that the conversation can be transparent and accountable.


Cover Page - Australian Open Disclosure Governance Closed to Cultural Voice

Download the report by clicking on this link.


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