Bukal Institutional Racism Matrix – McDermott Review

'This [Marrie Institutional Racism Matrix] is a valuable and important development which can improve transparency, accountability and ultimately the performance of HHS [Hospital and Health Services] in service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.' Robyn McDermott

Australian Resistance to Dismantling Institutional Racism

Key Points: Christopher Bourke, Adrian Marrie, and Henrietta Marrie, (2018). Transforming institutional racism at an Australian hospital. Australian Health Review. Available: http://www.publish.csiro.au/ah/pdf/AH18062 This journal article is about the first version of The Matrix before it became the the┬áBukal Institutional Racism Matrix. A key understanding is institutional racism is about how racial discrimination 'is displayed in … Continue reading Australian Resistance to Dismantling Institutional Racism

Institutional Racism – A Sickness in Queensland’s Health System

The Bukal Institutional Racism Matrixk (BIRM) developed by Adrian and Henrietta Marrie needs to be applauded, awarded, and lauded as a breakthrough to measure, monitor, and evaluate institutional racism. This blog begins a 2019 campaign to #CallOutIRAustralia

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