Australian Cultural Policies Lack Cultural Credibility

Australia’s raft of cultural policies is adrift in a stormy cultural sea because they are untethered to culturally rigorous development processes. This article recommends the use of cultural safety criterion to inform the developmental processes of cultural policies about Australia's First Peoples. #culturalsafety #ACSSN #culturalsecurity

Closing the ‘Cultural Voice’​ Gap in Australian Healthcare Governance

The phrase ‘cultural voice’ denotes the human cultural values of Australia’s First Peoples. Cultural voice demarcates intellectual space in Australian health policy analysis so that “human” culture becomes visible in a policy textscape crowded with the use of the term ‘culture’ but devoid of any sense of humanity.

Resource – Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts

See for the latest issue (…/9623_cdu_ni_learners_journal_numbe…) that contained the phrase 'cultural safety' in a paper about 'Respectful and ethical research in central Australia and the south west' (p. 32) It was great to read a paper that is so different to the standard academic journals, as the authors say 'The decision to write as a dialogue … Continue reading Resource – Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts

Cultural Safety as a buzzword in research

This Hickey et al. (2018) article came into my news feed because the phrase 'cultural safety' is used. As I read the article I realised a problem (not with the article) for the advocacy for cultural safety in Australian healthcare governance is that it is used as a buzzword without genuine theoretical, intellectual, and methodological … Continue reading Cultural Safety as a buzzword in research

Is Australian Healthcare Open Disclosure Policy Closed to Cultural Safety?

In this twenty-part series, I disclose the findings of this policy analysis based on authorized publications that are explicitly linked to one another to form a policy trajectory. This allows an analysis of the concept of 'government governance' which here means the stewardship of civil society policy development processes. Committix Pty Ltd respects Australia's First Peoples as the traditional owners of Australia