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Methodology to Detect Institutional Racism in Australian Healthcare Standards

Introduction This is Blog #2 in the series The Structuration of Institutional Racism in Australia’s Governance of Safety & Quality in Health Service Standards (see Blog #1). My aim here is to detail the methodology of structuration theory, policy trajectory, Foucault, and corporate document analysis. Anthony Giddens’ Structuration Theory (AGST) Structuration theory is defined as the ‘structuring of social relations

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Culturally Dangerous Governance underlies the Death of Naomi Williams

*Media Statement* by Ngiyampaa academic Dr Mark J Lock, Founder of Committix Pty Ltd, Australia’s only Indigenous private research company. In this traumatic case(1), the CEO of Tumut Hospital’s response was carefully crafted in accord with the technical bureaucratic words of NSW Health Policy on Open Disclosure(2): “Open disclosure is an individual and health service-level response to incidents of patient

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