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Australian Resistance to Dismantling Institutional Racism

Key Points: Christopher Bourke, Adrian Marrie, and Henrietta Marrie, (2018). Transforming institutional racism at an Australian hospital. Australian Health Review. Available: http://www.publish.csiro.au/ah/pdf/AH18062 This journal article is about the first version of The Matrix before it became the the┬áBukal Institutional Racism Matrix. A key understanding is institutional racism is about how racial discrimination ‘is displayed in the policies, procedures, governance and

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A Matrix for Identifying, Measuring and Monitoring Institutional Racism within Public Hospitals and Health Services developed by Adrian Marrie and Henrietta Marrie (2014): A Brief Introduction

Key Points: Adrian and Henrietta Marrie have developed a unique tool to identify, measure, and monitor institutional racism in Australia. Institutional racism is a recognised problem in Australia, but there is no program to reduce institutional racism and its influence on the health of Australia’s First Peoples. The Marrie Institutional Racism Matrix (MIRM) was developed in 2014, and has been

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