Culturally Safe Governance

…is a myth that can be changed through critical philosophy, rigorous research, empirical methodology, political advocacy, and governance practice. Check out my blogs to see what critical philosophy means…

Calling out culturally dangerous governance
Culturally dangerous governance by AHPRA of cultural safety training.
Cultural Safety Publications 10th-21st August 2020
A list of publications where cultural safety is explicitly mentioned in the …
Cultural Safety Publications 3rd – 7th August 2020
A list of publications where cultural safety is explicitly mentioned in the …
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Time to unshackle colonial tags

There are hundreds of First Nations in Australia which are rendered invisible under the colonial tags of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, or Indigenous. These tags are culturally dangerous because they diminish, demean, and devalue the cultural diversity of First Nations peoples who never ceded sovereignty. It is time to remove these colonial tags from Australian governance attitudes and work towards cultural provenance which means to privilege the local cultural voice of First Nations peoples.

The universality of cultural safety – based on the assumption of homogeneous indigeneity – is culturally dangerous.

Dr Mark J Lock & Ms Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes

More than patient communication

The figure below literally shows the governance points and pathways of a healthcare system. Patient communication is one aspect of healthcare, yet cultural training programs focus almost solely on patient communication. What about cultural safety in all the invisible routines of governance?

Cultural safety is relevant for all points and pathways of governance.

The Aboriginal Cultural Safety and Security Framework demonstrates what applying cultural safety to healthcare governance looks like. It’s complicated, complex, and convoluted. It’s far more than patient communication! Look at the Voice of the Clinician Project where I mapped the committee structures in healthcare governance: cultural safety can be enabled through good committee governance but it requires a critical philosophical lens to see the structures of governance.

Cultural Safety Journal Article Feed

It is time to get an independent and ethically rigorous research approach to investigating how cultural safety can be enabled through healthcare governance. Email me today to start the yarn about culturally safe governance.

“Cultural safety is an approach to medical training that encourages practitioners to examine how their own culture shapes their clinical practice and how to respect their patients’ worldviews.”

Juan Pimentel, Camila Kairuz, Claudia Merchán, Daniel Vesga, Camilo Correal, Germán Zuluaga, Iván Sarmiento & Neil Andersson (2020) The Experience of Colombian Medical Students in a Pilot Cultural Safety Training Program: A Qualitative Study Using the Most Significant Change Technique, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, DOI: 10.1080/10401334.2020.1805323