Research Translation

With a focus on enabling better use of research by organisations, policy makers, and communities, Committix adds genuine meaning to the phrase ‘research translation’.

Founder and Director, Dr Mark J Lock

Demonstrating Genuine Meaning

I believe that translational research involves a raft of strategies – academic publications, engaging citizens through social media, developing high-quality corporate publications, writing opinion pieces in blogs, and publishing a serial newsletter – translation means responding to audiences with different needs, time, and interests. The examples below show how the work of Committix Pty Ltd is about creating genuine meaning from research.

The Power of Committees

The Australian company Committix Pty Ltd, established by Ngiyampaa academic Mark Lock, views committees as the key mechanism for operationalising the mission and vision of your organisation, but in no ordinary way. Committees are connected into a formal decision-making hierarchy and networked through interlocked committee members. These two views are currently unexplored in corporate governance analysis and offer new ways to improve employee engagement, explore efficiencies in committee management, and improve the collective voice of orgaisations.

Committix - Analysis of Governance Points and Pathways

2004 Australian Health Policy Committee Governance Structure

The committee governance structure, above, shows how committees are connected into a decision-making structure. This research shows the connections between committees as routes of influence, information transfer, and knowledge flow. But all these routes are unmapped and unmanaged and allow inefficient decision making processes. With Committix Pty Ltd, the internal organisational architecture – the committee system – of organisations can be mapped, audited, and evaluated to develop a strategy to improve your organisation’s collective voice.

The collective voice of a company is operationalised through corporate governance. Committix Pty Ltd specialises in governance concept analysis. It could be the concept of ‘holism‘, or ‘participation‘, or ‘engagement‘, or ‘cultural safety‘, or ‘open disclosure‘. If you need your organisation to project a collective voice then do it through a rigourous, academic, technical, and theoretical methodology.


The range of Committix Pty Ltd services, below, are based on an extensive academic education and experience with healthcare organisations.

  1. Social network mapping of all of your organisation’s committees.
  2. Audit of committee performance and effectiveness.
  3. Terms of Reference and Charter analysis and construction.
  4. Governance analysis of concepts such as employee engagement.
  5. Academic report writing and publication.
  6. Presentations and discussions on healthcare governance.
  7. Research methodology formulation and research conduct.
  8. Professional journal article review.

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