Committix Pty Ltd provides several services, each linked from the relevant section in this website.

  1. Professional Review of Academic Journal Articles for Australia’s First Peoples (see here to check my credentials).
  2. Open Disclosure Policy Governance Audit (see here for an example).
  3. Audit using the Bukal Institutional Racism Matrix (see here for the BUKAL matrix).
  4. Cultural Safety Audit of Corporate Governance Structures (see here for a current project).
  5. Writing of Grant Applications for government and research funding.
  6. Analysis of Corporate Governance for Citizen Voice.
  7. Analysis of Committee Structures for Clinician Engagement (see here).

Committix will respond to your questions about committee analytics and I encourage you to contact me via the form below or post your question to any of the social medial accounts because other people may be also be interested in your comments!